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5 Things To Include In Your Client Welcome Packet

Do you find that you're always saying the same things every time you onboard a client? Are you continuously repeating the same instructions? Maybe you're sending out your Zoom link over and over...and over again? It might be time to consider creating a Client Welcome Packet!

What Is A Client Welcome Packet?

A Client Welcome Packet is a document (usually a PDF) that you can email to your clients when you start working together. First impressions count, and this will be one of the first documents (aside from your contract) that your new client will receive from you.

A welcome packet will not only help you to create an upleveled client experience, but will help you to build trust with your new client. Most humans don't like surprises - we want to know what the next steps are or what we can expect from a new working relationship, and this will give them all the information they need from you up front.

Have you ever felt buyer's remorse? That feeling of anxiety or fear that takes over when you've made a big purchase? Imagine you're buying a brand new car. The car was a bit out of your price range, but you love it, so you went ahead and bought it, even thought it was a stretch financially.

You drive over an hour to the dealership, located in a town that you've never been to before, to pick up the car. You get to the front door, and the salesperson pokes their head out, waves hello, tosses you the keys, and goes back inside. You're alone and you don't know if you should just leave, or if someone is coming back out to help you, or what. You'd probably immediately start doubting yourself and questioning your decision to buy this car.

On the other hand, imagine the same scenario, except when you get to the dealership, the salesperson comes out to greet you. They show you all the details of the car, they remind you of all the safety features, and how lucky you are to be able to purchase a car like this. They even get in to the passengers seat and program your favorite radio stations for you.

Then, they give you a branded folder with all your purchase documents in it, as well as a pre-printed map that shows you exactly how to get back to the highway. They hand you their business card with their direct extension written on it, and let you know that they'll follow up with a phone call tonight, in case you have any additional questions you forgot to ask. You leave feeling supported, knowing exactly what to expect, completely satisfied with your purchase.

A Welcome Packet does the same thing. If we want our clients to feel valued, supported, and happy they decided to start working with us, this is a great first step. Make sure your clients know right away that they made the right decision hiring you and they can expect some massive, incredible changes over the next three or six months.

What To Include In Your Welcome Packet

1. A Welcome Note

This is your opportunity to let your client know how happy you are that they have decided to work with you. Briefly reintroduce yourself, and remind them of all the benefits they will receive working with me. I also like to tell them about the transformations they or their business could expect to see after our work together is complete.

2. Communication Instructions & Your Availability

This is an excellent place for you to set some healthy boundaries with your new client. It's so much easier to set these guidelines up front, rather than having to explain to them halfway through the project that you don't like them sending you a DM on your Instagram account. Let your clients know exactly how (and where) to reach you. Be sure to include clickable links, where applicable. Some points to consider:

  • What is your response time? How much time do you want to have to be able to respond to emails or Voxer messages?

  • What time zone are you located in?

  • Which holidays do you take off?

  • Are you available to work weekends?

3. What You Need From Them

This section will outline all the things you'll need from them before you get started. You could keep this generic, so that every client has the same set of instructions or you it could be customized based on an individual situation.

Our goal is to create the best experience possible for our clients and one of the best ways to do that is to make sure that we have everything we need before starting a project. There is nothing worse than having to request a login or access to a document two weeks into working together.

Here are some ideas:

  • Login information

  • Branding assets (HEX codes, graphics, logos, fonts)

  • Onboarding Questionnaire completed

  • Signing up for a new system or tool

If you do require a client to sign up for a new system or tool, consider adding a link to a training or tutorial for so that you can refer them to that if they have any questions.

4. Scheduling Links & Timeline

This section will give them a general timeline of the project so they know what to expect and when. It should include specific dates for deliverables. This is also a great place to remind them what's included (and what isn't!) in their package.

If they will have 1:1 access to you, be sure to include a link to book a call with you, so they'll always have access to the link and won't be searching through emails to try to book with you.

5. Resources or Other Tools

Do you have a tools or software that you are always recommending to clients? Is there another resource that you often reference like a book, a podcast, or an app that you've found helpful? This might also be the place where you'd want to remind clients of different services you offer.

For example, if you are a social media manager and you've recently signed a new client, it may be helpful to remind them that you are also a graphic designer, and they could purchase your graphic design package as an add on.

How To Create Your Welcome Packet

The easiest way to create your welcome packet is in Canva, my go to graphic design software. You can create your amazing, beautifully branded Client Welcome Packet PDF without any previous graphic design experience. I make all of my business graphics inside Canva.

Although it isn't difficult for a beginner, putting together your Welcome Packet can still be a little time consuming, especially if you've never used Canva before. If you'd prefer to use a template that has already been created, go grab The Ultimate Client Experience Bundle, where you'll get an Welcome Packet and and Offboarding Packet (along with a bunch of other super helpful templates & swipe files) that you can customize to your brand and start using today!


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