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Yay!  The Digital Product Checklist is headed to your inbox 📬

But first, check out this one time offer!

Usually priced at $37, get it now for only $17 ⬇️


Your step by step guide to creating a digital product that you can sell in your sleep 

You've been looking for a side hustle that will bring in additional income...but how?! 


In less than 4 weeks you could be on your way to making an extra 4 figures in passive income every month by creating a high-value, low-ticket digital product 💸.

Imagine getting new sale alerts while spending the weekend at a baseball tournament,  making an impact in other lives while enjoying a bbq with your friends or hitting the beach with your kiddos?

Get this one time offer for only $17 (usually priced at $37) today!

Learn step by step...

What kind of digital product to create (even if you think you have no knowledge about anything) 

✅ How to deliver your product to your customers without using a ton of complicated tech 

✅ How to launch your product (without stress)

✅ How to sell your product on autopilot & make 💰💰in your sleep

✅ Where to market and sell your digital product

✅ All my tech recommendations

✅ PLUS Ebook & Checklist Templates!

ONLY $37 $17

This is for you if...

➡️ You're a stressed out business owner who wants to be able to take some time off without a dip in your revenue.


➡️ You're a busy mom who wants to be able to spend more time with your kids and less time in front of your lap top chasing down leads & new clients.


➡️ You want to bring in more money so you can pay off debts, or feel more financially secure, or create a cushion for unexpected expenses.

➡️ You're sick of seeing all these people talk about making six figures a month while barely lifting a finger and you want a REALISTIC guide to selling digital products that doesn't involve spending a ton of money up front or loads of complicated tech.

Inside this 75 page guide, you'll learn...

➡️ How to start your side hustle completely for free (I'm serious!)


➡️ How to skip the googling and piecing together different strategies you saw on Instagram and go straight to making sales 


➡️ How to use your expertise to create a digital product that allows you the freedom to live a life that feels easy and fun, without having to constantly stress about money 


Rhonda Sawchuk

Wellness Coach

I gained, the tools, knowledge and resources to have an action plan to officially launch my business and having the 'behind the scenes' up and running, so that when I actually do get clients, the back-end is already taken care of. 


Gina Ward

Business Coach

Paying for Kristen's services has put more money in my pocket as now I can spend more time with clients, doing what I love.


Natalie Puglisi


Kristen is literally a life saver. I absolutely could not do this business without her supporting me! With her backing me up, I know nothing will fall through the cracks, which is so important in my line of work!


I'm an Online Business Manager and Certified Launch Manager.

I'm on a mission to help other female CEO’s to build businesses they love and create passive income through digital products without hustle or overwhelm.


I'll always be real with you - as a wife, a mom of 3 (plus a dog!) and a business owner, I'm realistic about what we have the time and energy to do.  While I won't promise you that your digital product will generate six figures, I will promise you that if you take the time to do the behind the scenes set up, and you set aside time to market,  you will absolutely be able to create the space and freedom in your business that you've been craving. 


I believe in community over competition, so if you're ready to take your business to the next level, and you're looking for a biz bestie to walk beside you, cheering you on when you win big and and gently pushing you in the right direction when you're a little lost, then you're in the right place!

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