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The Ultimate Client Experience Bundle will give you immediate access to the tools & templates you need to design an experience that will leave your clients talking (all good things!) - while giving you the confidence to kick imposter syndrome to the curb and become the go -to expert in your niche.


You are leaving money on the table, because you don't have an automated system to follow up with leads or potential client inquiries?

Onboarding a client takes up so much of your time & mental space, and at the end of the process you still wake up at 3am, wondering if you forgot to ask for their mailing address or request access to their Google Drive?

Your days are spent fielding a million emails from clients asking what their next steps are, when their contract is up, or when they can expect their project to be complete?

You have a high turnover rate - your clients don't seem to stick around for a long time and you're starting to wonder if it's because you're not delivering a high end client experience?

The Lifestyle Edit is hiring! We’re looking for a knowledgeable, passionate, and motivated


Because I've been there, too. When I first started out, my client onboarding process took forever. It was pretty scattered, involved lots of emails back and forth, and usually ended with me forgetting to ask for something I needed to start the project.  My offboarding process was pretty much non-existent, usually nothing more than me saying something like, "it was so nice working with you" on our last call.  And I never even considered asking for a testimonial...I just thought that a past client would maybe volunteer to give positive feedback without me asking?


Needless to say, it wasn't working.  I was stressed, and I knew my clients weren't getting the experience they deserved.  That's when I sat down and created the systems and templates that I'm now sharing with you inside...

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Set yourself apart from the crowd and take the way you deliver your services to clients to the next level

Stop spending multiple hours (or even days) onboarding clients and start creating some blank space on you calendar

Stop the constant hustle to find new clients because you're keeping the ones you already have AND they're referring you to their friends!

Create the Ultimate Client Experience for only $77

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➡️The 4 Steps To Creating The Ultimate Client Experience Training with closed captions

➡️30+ Professionally Written Email Swipe Files so that you never have to wonder what to say to clients (even in difficult situations!)

➡️Welcome Guide Canva Template

➡️Offboarding Guide Canva Template

➡️Services & Pricing Canva Template

➡️Discovery Call Checklist

➡️SOP's for Discovery Call, Onboarding & Offboarding 

➡️Google Form Templates

➡️Guide to testimonial requests

➡️25+ social media Canva templates for sharing testimonials


✨ Voxer Walkthrough - have you been hearing about this messaging app and wondering how you can use it in your business?  


✨ Voxer Coaching Workbook - for coaches & service providers who are wondering how to incorporate this app into their business

✨ Slack Walkthrough - Slack can be a great communication tool if you want to start a membership that doesn't require social media access.  This guide will walk you through the Slack basics!


"Kristen's work TRULY has made my business feel so much lighter. She is incredibly knowledgeable and versatile. She has helped me implement systems, and learn new tools for project management. 

And even more than the day to day support, she has incredibly helpful ideas about how to expand and simplify my business simultaneously. Kristen is able to anticipate my needs before I do and it truly feels like a partnership. I'm so grateful to have Kristen as a part of growing my business. If you're thinking about working with Kristen, do it! I could not recommend her enough!"

Chelsea Connors

All the details 

Services & Pricing Guide: Showcase your offers and impress potential clients.  Outline your pricing, membership options, packages and process in a professional and beautiful layout. 25 pages, customizable in Canva: 

  • 3 Cover Pages

  • 2 About/Introduction Pages

  • 4 Package Pages

  • Membership Tiers

  • 2 Rate/Price Sheets

  • 3 Process/What To Expect

  • Project Timeline

  • Recent Projects

  • Case Study

  • Portfolio

  • FAQ's

  • 2 Testimonial Pages

  • 2 Get Started/Next Steps

  • Thank You Page

  • Total payment

Client Welcome Packet: Welcome your new clients seamlessly with a clear step-by-step client process that not only looks professional but also gets clients excited to start working with you. 25 pages, customizable in Canva:

  • 3 Cover Pages

  • 3 About/Welcome Pages

  • 2 Meet The Team Pages

  • Table Of Contents

  • Admin Information

  • Communication

  • 2 Policies Pages

  • 3 Next Steps Pages

  • 2 Testimonial Pages

  • 2 Client Responsibilities Pages

  • 2 Timeline/Details Pages

  •  Disclaimer/Copyright Page

  • Thank You Page


Client Offboarding Packet: Recap your client transformations,  request feedback and testimonials, and share other important final details with your client in one organized package. 25 pages, customizable in Canva: 

  • 3 Cover Pages

  • 3 Thank You Pages

  • Table of Contents

  • 3 Project Summary/Recap Pages

  • What's Next

  • Client Checklist

  • Important Details

  • Tools & Resources

  • 2 Services Pages

  • 2 Referral Program Pages

  • Gift Page

  • 2 Video Tutorials Page

  • Call Recording Page

  • File Delivery Page

  • 2 Feedback Request Pages

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Instagram Story Slides: Effective testimonials are key to helping potential clients understand the value of working with you. Use these IG story slide templates to share your testimonials with your social media audience so that you can attract more clients with social proof.

Business Management Bundle Thumbnails - 2022-12-23T101518.552.png

Fillable Questionnaires for Onboarding & Offboarding: Ready to use templates, delivered in fillable Google Forms:

  • Client Intake Questionnaire

  • Feedback Request Questionnaire

  • If you've never used Google Forms, or need a refresher, I've also included a brief video walkthrough to get you up to speed!

Email Swipe Files: Writers block?  30+ Professionally Written Email Templates for you to literally copy, paste & fill-in-the-blanks so you always know exactly what to say to your clients:​​

  • Appointment Scheduling - Confirmation

  • Appointment Scheduling - 24 Hour Reminder

  • Appointment Scheduling - 1 Hour Reminder

  • Contact Form Submission

  • Contract

  • Digital Course Welcome

  • Discovery Call Follow Up - Didn’t like your price or offer

  • Discovery Call Follow Up - Needs to think about it

  • Discovery Call Follow Up - Not a good fit

  • Discovery Call Follow Up - Ready to get started!

  • Failed Payment 

  • Group Program Welcome

  • Group Program or Live Program - One Week Reminder

  • Group Program or Live Program - One Hour Reminder

  • Invoice

  • Offboarding - General

  • Offboarding - Detailed

  • Onboarding - General

  • Onboarding - Detailed

  • Project Update

  • Testimonial Request - Current Client

  • Testimonial Request - Follow Up

  • Testimonial Request - Past Client

Business Management Bundle Thumbnails - 2022-12-20T145043.016.png

Hi, I'm Kristen

Hi, I’m Kristen O'Neal and I'm so glad you're here!  As an Online Business Manager, Systems Strategist, & Certified Launch Manager, I help burnt out coaches & service providers ditch the overwhelm so that they can get back to what they love and start enjoying a business that feels easy!


I am a mom of 3, step mom to 2, an LEO wife, and a dog momma to the craziest Golden Retriever who has ever stepped paws on this planet. I am a Virgo, (logical, practical, and systematic) so please don’t plan a surprise party for me, unless you send me a full itinerary & guest list first. I am a graduate of Boston College (go Eagles!).  I work remotely, but I am based on beautiful Cape Cod, MA.


I specialize in helping women like you create and implement simple systems and processes that will enable you to scale your business, without having to be tied to your lap top all day!​

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, and you're looking for a biz bestie to walk beside you, cheering you on when you win big and and gently pushing you in the right direction when you're a little lost, then you're in the right place!

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